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Burnal Equinox: Infinite Realities will take place on Saturday, February 29, 2020, in Rochester, NY.

If you think you would like to participate in organizing this event, send an email to Crackerjack and let her know you are interested. Burnal Equinox is 100% volunteer run.  No prior experience is required. Click here to volunteer.

Equinox (eekwuhnoks) noun. Either of the two corresponding moments of the year when the Sun is directly above the Earth’s equator. The days on which an equinox falls have about equal periods of sunlight and darkness. 

Burnal Equinox (burnnl eekwuhnoks) noun. An awesome celebration of Burning Man culture. The day on which the burnal equinox falls has about equal periods of time before the next, and since the last, Burning Man event.

On February 29, 2020, the Western NY Burner community will be hosting a Burnal Equinox celebration. The Burnal Equinox is an arts and cultural event held in locations all over the world. It marks the halfway point to the next Burning Man event, which is held over Labor Day each year in Nevada. It is a chance, in the dark of winter, to celebrate Burner culture – interactive art, music, performance, workshops and more. It also kicks off the “build season,” where participants start to work on the projects they will bring to Burning Man in August. At the Burnal Equinox, artists will bring their installations from previous Burning Man events or the start of their upcoming projects to share. 

photo by BUG EYE Photography

photo by BUG EYE Photography

The event will feature:

    • Light installations
    • Interactive art
    • Live performance
    • DJs
    • Workshops
    • And More…

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